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Investor Relations

When working with potential and existing investors Prior Group assists in building relationships, focuses on the long-term story and balance sheet strength, not too quick to make promises and is factual in tone, refute rumors and answer concerns of investors, coordinates media and government relations and investor communications.

We aim to capitalise on our Russia/CIS/New Zealand expertise, analytical strengths, market knowledge and professional network to help our clients achieve their investment goals.

Prior Group focus is on:

  • Searching for appropriate Russian/CIS investors for your New Zealand business
  • Developing successful New Zealand-Russia/CIS business partnership
  • Integration planning for your investments in Russia/CIS
  • Recommending pre-/post-deal due diligence leading experts
  • Creating and reviewing exit strategy
  • Coordinating and interacting with investors


Be careful of your reputation. It takes a lot of time and effort to build a good reputation – and you can lose it in an instant.
STUART PRIOR, New Zealand Ambassador to Russia, 2003-2006

Russia - New Zealand Video

To see the video of Stuart Prior, Prior Group Chairman, talking to National Business Review about Russia - New Zealand business opportunities please go to

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Stuart Prior, Honorary Consul for Belarus in New Zealand

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