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In today’s Russia/CIS emerging business environment of multiple deals, trade and investment opportunities, political economy and high competition, developing successful business strategy requires skills, experience and knowledge.

Prior Group unique experience of Russian/CIS business and political segments is crucial to understanding the market, finding a right Russian/CIS partner and providing relevant business advice. We aim to maximize opportunity and minimize risk for our New Zealand clients by utilizing our deep knowledge of Russia/CIS system, market, relationships and networks and by keeping abreast of regulatory changes and business trends.

Prior Group can help your New Zealand company to:

  • Identify investment and/or trade opportunities in Russia/CIS
  • Develop, test and validate your market entry strategies
  • Carry on Russian/CIS market research & analysis specific to the industry
  • Find potential business and trade partners and distributors in Russia/CIS
  • Improve your existing operation in Russia/CIS
  • Draw on the skills of our local and global network of industry specialists


Be prepared for success – be ready to move quickly. Deals can vanish in the blink of an eye – there is likely to be no second chance.
STUART PRIOR, New Zealand Ambassador to Russia, 2003-2006

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