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Russia Today

Full name: Russian Federation
Population: 142.5 million (UN, 2007)
Capital: Moscow
Area: 17,075,400 km²
Major language: Russian
Major religions: Christianity, Islam, Buddism, Judaism
Life expectancy: 59 years (men), 73 years (women)
Monetary unit: 1 rouble = 100 kopecks
National Holidays: New Years Day – January 1, Christmas – January 7, Defender of the Motherland Day – February 23, International Women's Day – March 8, Labour Day – May 1, Victory Day – May 9, Russia Day - June 12, National Unity Day – November 4, Constitution day – December 12
Internet domain: .ru
International dialing code: +7

A vast snow-clad country, the native land of vodka, bears and the KGB: myths about Russia seem to be an integral part of its image. The reality is a heady mix of people, traditions and history.

Spanning 11 time zones and two continents, Russia puzzles and fascinates. Taking up an immense space, a home to different nationalities and cultures, it’s often called a bridge between the East and the West. You can spend a lifetime exploring it without ever unveiling all its mysteries or feel at home over a week-end. It’s a country of snow-covered planes and sizzling seaside, never-ending forests and high peaks, vibrant cities and forlorn villages. Everything’s on a grand scale.

For centuries Russia’s been changing and re-inventing itself. It’s seen great glory and great downfalls. Emerging as one of the world’s top powers, it’s still dealing with its Soviet past. A land of age-old traditions and contrasts.

A challenge as much as a destination, it’s the unknown Russia. It’s up to you to discover it.


Stuart Prior, Honorary Consul for Belarus in New Zealand

Currency Rate

December 2016

1 NZD = 45.24 RUB

1 NZD = 14,160 BYR

1 NZD = 240.720 KZT

Current Time

Moscow, Russia

Minsk, Belarus

Astana, Kazakhstan

Wellington, New Zealand

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